We always go out of our way to make sure the whole house is down in one day, for safety reasons.

After all of the framing and roofing is gone, we demolish and load the foundation and remaining concrete separately.

Here we just finished unloading the trailer and we were starting on removing overgrown laurel bushes at (about 20 feet tall, they are even taller than the house).

With all of the house gone, we cap the water line and sewer line.  We place a green marker where the sewer line is capped with depth marks so that it can be easily found for future construction.   We rough grade the property to remove the hole from the foundation for safety, and then we spread straw across the entire construction site to help with erosion control. 

All of the vegetation that is going to be taken away has been cleared and grubbed, and the house is now exposed.  The remaining laurels that are in the background had to stay for erosion control.

These photos show the grubbing and clearing of overgrown vegetation and the demolition and recycling of a house in West Seattle's Pigeon Point neighborhood.

At this point we have cleared enough away that you can see the house.


3201 SW Roxbury St. Seattle WA 98126 US

The excavator is taking the first bite out of the house and placing it in the recycling container.